Head Lice Warranty
Lice Removal San Mateo guarantees the complete removal of your head lice infestation for 14 days.  If any head lice are found in your hair for 2 weeks after your follow-up appointment, a Lice Removal San Mateo technician will return to your home and complete the treatment free of charge. 

Conditions of warranty:

1. Must complete a follow-up appointment 3-7 days after first appointment to be eligible for warranty.

Warranty and schools

​Although most student are readmitted without issue, Lice Removal San Mateo can not guarantee the re-entry of students into schools or daycare programs. After the first treatment the child will not be contagious but unfortunately school staff commonly misdiagnosis lice eggs with nit casings or dandruff. Nits casings (empty or dead lice eggs) can be left behind in the hair because they are empty, flat, and often too small to be removed with a lice comb. Removing empty egg shells must be done by hand and could take hours of meticulous visual searching. Nit casing can not create a lice infestation  

Possible live nit
Nit Casing (empty lice egg) 

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