School and Group Services
School and Group Services

Another primary service offered by Lice Removal San Mateo is professional lice screenings for schools and professional institutions.  Lice Removal San Mateo uses a 10 point "dry check" process that assists our technicians in identifying even the most mild head lice infestations.

A professional head lice checked is performed by parting the hair and examining the the and scalp for evidence of head lice (i.e. nits and live bugs).  On average, a lice check takes around 1-2 minutes per person but this can vary on the level of organization on behalf of the school or institution.

Each person is checked with a clean, sterile comb and all of our technicians discreet and child friendly.

Lice Removal San Mateo also offers the following lice related documents free upon request:

Recommended School Head Lice Policy
Parent Notification Letters
Prevention Information
School cleaning instructions 
Home cleaning instructions

Head Lice Check Rates:

50 students or less .......... $80 
Each Additional ............... $1.25
Travel Fee.........................$10-$30 depending on location

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