Professional In Home Lice Removal
How does Lice Removal San Mateo in-home lice removal work​?

After you have scheduled an appointment, a friendly and professional lice removal technician will be at your doorstep at the agreed upon time.  Your hair should be left natural, please remove any gel, hairspray.  The following steps describe the in-home lice removal process.

1. The technician will first need to set up a small work station which is usually done in the kitchen, bathroom or other well lit area.  A small amount of non-toxic product is used and can drip during lice treatments so areas with hard flooring is preferred.  

2. Each family member is then checked for lice using a nit comb and an anti-lice combing cream. All persons found to be infested with head lice will then be treated using our non toxic manual comb through technique.  Following treatment, when all lice and live nits have been removed, an anti-louse"suffocation style"  treatment is applied and left on the head for 2-4 hours.  A professional lice removal treatment for girls ranges anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour but this time is heavily dependent on the length/thickness of the hair and severity of the infestation.  Boys typically take around 10-30 minutes but severe infestations will take longer to treat.  A thorough lice check takes around 10-15 minutes.

3. While family members are being treated the lice technician will provide helpful hints and tips on cleaning and how to prevent future outbreaks of lice.  We advise that clients hold off all cleaning until speaking with a technician as they have many helpful tips on how to save time and what items should be cleaned. 

4. Persons who have moderate to severe infestations of head lice will need to book a follow up appointment 5-7 days after the initial appointment.  This allows for any nymphs (young lice too small to catch with a nit comb) to grow in size to allow them to be removed easily but not so large as the start laying their own eggs.

Does Lice Removal San Mateo Operate A Lice Removal Salon?

No, Lice Removal San Mateo does not operate a salon.  We find that our clients prefer receiving lice treatment in the comfort of their own home rather than spending hours in a lice removal salon.  By providing convenient in home service Nit Control is able to offer lower prices than lice removal salons and have the added benefit of customized lice treatment advice after conducting a walk through of the home.  We have also found that children are more cooperative when being treated at home.  Children often have difficulty spending hours in a lice removal salon while they, and their family members, are all treated for head lice. 

Note: Many lice removal salons require up to 4 separate (1 hour) appointments for each person. Nit Control offers a two week money back guarantee after on 2 appointments.

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