Lice Removal
Our Lice Removal Process

Several different methods exist to rid family members of head lice. The Lice Removal San Mateo Method, which is also the most effective, is the manual removal of lice and nits using a nit comb, an anti-louse combing cream and an advanced brushing technique. The Lice Removal Technicians at Lice Removal San Mateo are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and removal products necessary to completely remove lice and nits without the use of toxic pesticides. Our operators are standing by to book your appointment today!

Head Lice Removal Options and Home Remedies:

- Nix and Rid
- Cutting Hair/ Shaving 
- Blow Drying/ Hair Curling and Straightening
- Cetaphil
- Mayonnaise
- Alcohol/ Gasoline

Nix and Rid:

These are both anti-lice removal treatments in the form of a toxic shampoo and are by far the most popular head lice removal treatment option. The shampoo is applied and left on the scalp for several minutes and then rinsed. These removal treatments do a fairly decent job of killing a percentage of adult lice but rarely kill all of the insects. Also, these products are not approved as ovicides which means they do not kill nits (lice eggs). Removing head lice with these products often take several rounds of removal treatments before an infestation is cured. These shampoos also come with a nit comb when purchased however, these combs are usually of low quality and are ineffective when used on people with long and or thick hair. The biggest issue with these products is that head lice have built a resistance against the pesticides used in them and it can be very difficult, and expensive, to remove head lice using these products.

Cutting Hair/ Shaving: 

This is a very effective way to remove head lice but only if the hair is cut very short; less than 1/2 inch. Simply cutting three or four inches off of hair that is 6 inches long will do nothing to remove head lice. What makes this removal treatment so effective is that head lice need around one inch of hair to lay their eggs and to provide them with proper insulation and warmth.

Blow Drier/ Curling Iron: 

Although these removal treatment options can theoretically kill lice and nits they are very ineffective. The heat from these devices could kill some lice and eggs on contact. However, lice infestations tend to be within ½ in of the scalp which cannot be reached effectively with either a hair dryer or iron of any type. The majority of lice and nits will survive any removal attempt made with any of these types of devices. Trying to remove lice and nits using this method may also result in burns to the scalp.  


Cetaphil lotion can also be used to remove head lice using what is known as a suffocation style removal treatment. The scalp and hair are saturated with Cetaphil and then allowed to dry, or blow dried, which will trap and suffocate some lice. This method seems to be more effective than using mayonnaise but it is also much more expensive and time consuming as the Cetaphil should stay on the hair for eight hours. This method will consume 1-2 bottles of Cetaphil per person depending on hair length and thickness. This method can also leave behind live nits and bugs that will continue to infest the scalp of treated individuals following this treatment. Since this removal treatment is not 100% effective it should be repeated several times a week for a two week period.

Mayonnaise Treatment:

The use of mayonnaise to remove head lice is similar to the Cetaphil removal treatment in that it is a suffocation style removal. The head and scalp are saturated with mayonnaise which is left on the head for several hours with the goal being the suffocation of lice and nits. Using mayonnaise has been shown to work in a few mild cases of head lice infestations however, most lice and especially nits will survive this removal treatment in moderate and severe infestations. Using mayonnaise can often lead to long infestation times and multiple treatments. This removal treatment is very similar to the olive oil removal treatment but less messy. If you can not afford any other removal treatments this may be the best option besides shaving the head. 

Alcohol/ Gasoline/ Kerosene:

These chemicals should NEVER be used to remove head lice as they are extremely toxic and not approved for topical use.

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